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Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, increasingly in the news for powerball numbers for jan 6 2016the wrong reasons, today appealed to the media to go easy on him. Any appearance of anger on his part does not mean he is angry, he said, inviting cooperation.

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It came in the wake of a joint statement from heritage sites. Most, it seemed, (some 82% could not survive more than six months. When those six months were over the busiest six months of the year for heritage, that would make timing especially critical. That’s why the at risk heritage grants are available now. Site management may apply for grants between £3,000 and £50,000, for sites already receiving National Lottery funding. The money is set aside for training volunteers and paid employees in digital skills:

These coins weighed more than 20 kilograms and were minted with silver, copper and gold, and are believed to have a history of 100 years. This currency was used before India introduced the rupee exchange rate system in 1949.

Many people visit spiritualists, mediums and psychics every year – often in the desire to speak to loved ones on the other side or try to get a sense of their direction in life. The Lynne Groves Lottery Win, made famous because the shopkeeper processed the wrong ticket, now has another interesting story to accompany it. In the months leading up to the lottery win, Ms Groves went to see a medium by the name of Jill Childs. She had wanted to make contact with her deceased father to whom she was very close, and had sought out Jill Childs for many years after reading one of her books.

Police from Vacaville arrested Adul Saosongyang on Monday on charges of grand theft after Adul’s friend reported his winning lottery ticket stolen and immediately (and correctly) suspected Adul. The friend, who is staying anonymous, bought the lottery ticket for $30 over the Christmas period in 2018. When he found out thatpowerball numbers for jan 6 2016 he had won what he thought was $10,000 he told his flatmate his news, and then travelled to the lottery office in Sacramento to verify his ticket and claim his prize.

According to Rajeevan: “Earlier, too, we have done this but this is the first time that we won a mega prize. We are really excited! We were not expecting this and so we don’t have any future plans as of now. It will be decided later.” The group have all said that they will not be quitting their jobs anytime soon though. Aside from the jackpot, 10 tickets won the second prize of ₹50 lakh each, while 20 winners won the third prize of ₹10 lakh per ticket.